Encouraging Minimalism - Engaged in Nature



By purposefully nurturing a simple lifestyle, with fewer materials and less consumption, the pathway is created to experience higher focus on those aspects of ones life that matter most, acting with renewed vigour and purpose and a lightness free of unnecessary baggage. 

Much is made of the growing landfill of obsolete clothing, with fashion and textiles said to be the second most high polluting industry after oil. The planet needs your support for doing more with less in many aspects of life, including clothing. In Australia alone, up to half a million tonnes of textiles end up in landfill each year, and in the USA that figure is over 12 million tonnes, and the main cause of the waste is clothing companies making goods that don't last, and inspiring consumers to buy more clothes more often. It's usually the poorly made clothes that are the lowest cost to buy, but most harmful to the environment in terms of production and the least likely to be able to be repaired as they age.



There is something highly liberating about knowing that the only clothes in your cupboard or wardrobe are ones you really like to wear, and wear often, and which enable you to look and feel great and help carry you comfortably and often through exercise, outdoor adventures, travel and most places in between. 

Unless fashion is your passion then waking each day with fewer decisions on clothes, without any compromise, is compelling. Clothes that last longer, which can be washed more efficiently, which dry easily and quickly, don't need special care, ironing or dry cleaning, and which coordinate and layer well, make for a highly flexible and high performance wardrobe buff with time efficiency.

Quality clothes may cost a little more, but we feel they deliver value in spades when one takes account of the usable lifespan of the garment, and the amenity they provide. 



Quality clothes can become like old friends - trusted through the endurance of shared experiences over time. At SOARTD we aim to provide a capsule style collection that covers maximum environments and situations, with a minimal number of items.

And rather than have an ever growing array of options and colours, we only ever envisage an essentials range of constantly improving best in class designs, highly durable, but easily repairable if required, and in limited coordinated colours.