At SOARTD our mission is to inspire you to find flow, and we know our clothes can support that mission, and help you be the best version of yourself possible and, in turn, help others.

We're bootstrapped and only recently launched. We've put our heart and soul into making this small capsule collection, and our future success hinges on the support of our entire network.

We intend to stay in business, but our real motivation comes from a desire to help others and see them find flow, and we place social and environmental considerations ahead of economics. We listen, we care, we work to serve and share, and we act responsibly, and that's more important to us than cutting costs, increasing revenue and maximising profits. We believe we can make our most positive impact on the world through supporting each of our customers to find flow and do their best. We don't see the same merit, as others' may do, in charging higher prices and/or using inferior materials, to make more profit and then to donate a portion of that extra profit to charities or a particular cause.

We work and share with our ambassadors, customers and suppliers in a way that builds mutual respect and trust. We treat others as we'd like to be treated ourselves. When we make a mistake we do everything we can to make it right, we learn and grow and strive to always do better. We are happy to field questions about our supply chain at any time.



We use fabrics made by environmentally conscious suppliers. Most suppliers are Bluesign accredited - an internationally recognised certification system for sustainable textile production, which provides a degree of confidence that these suppliers put responsibility (especially for the environment) high on their agenda and act accordingly.

Our main fabrics are from four branded suppliers: Polartec, Pertex, Everest Textile and Advance Denim. Our zips are from YKK and our core spun threads from Coats. Details of all other suppliers available on request.

In addition to using high quality materials, we create designs that are not only optimised for the performance and comfort of the future wearer, and are durable, but also considerate of efficiency of fabric utilisation, and minimising post construction processes such as washing of jeans, packaging waste and distribution efficiency.



Our garments are all designed in Australia, predominantly for Australian conditions, but they are all constructed in Vietnam, where the facilities, equipment and the skilled work force is in place to produce the garments.

Having first visited Vietnam in the late 1980's, we have grown over many visits since, to value, understand and care for the Vietnamese people and their culture. We have three well established and trusted makers who have brought about our minimalist collection of garments: Garmex Saigon (clothing), Tan Than Dat (hats) & Trimmers (belts) and we have spent months in Ho Chi Minh City ensuring that the designs are understood and the garments are well constructed. But also, we've gotten to know and enjoy working with the managers, the technical teams and the skilled workers who toil tirelessly to create clothes that last.  

The workers in these factories are not as well remunerated as their counterparts would be here in Australia, and that doesn't sit well with us, but after careful consideration we decided that overall it was better to work with reputable suppliers in Vietnam than try to produce the same range of garments here in Australia. At the same time, we pay a much higher rate per garment for construction than other larger clothing companies, so as the workers on the production line are allowed the time to sew and construct carefully and with less stress - rather than being so focussed on how quickly they can push a garment from one end of the line to the other. Quality of the garment and respect for the workers is our focus during production.



While we hope to build a reputation for the quality and durability of our clothes, and the flow they help find,  we also expect of ourselves to earn your trust and develop an equally strong reputation for being easy to deal with.

Whether that be the provision of free shipping and returns (in Australia), or our ongoing care and support of our products, through our guarantee and repair service. We look to build a long term relationship with our customers and ambassadors, always happy to receive feedback, and we look forward to SOARTD sharing a part of your journey!